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Bluemax Industrial Fans

Bison Products’ industrial fan range is the market leader in air movement and cooling products. Boasting revolutionary design components and high end output, the Bluemax range is home to the largest free standing industrial fan on the market.

The Bluemax range is optimised to be effective for both industrial and commercial use. The Bluemax 950 is a large free standing fan and is unrivalled in both size and output in the current marketplace, with an impressive 20,000CFM. The 950 is ideal for large scale industrial and agricultural applications where air circulation and climate control is paramount.

The smaller but no less effective Bluemax 650, with an output of 8,500CFM is designed to have mass appeal, with variable speed controls giving the user overall command on the environment. This versatile and portable fan is perfect for use in smaller spaces, and can maintain a focused and controlled air flow. Principally for commercial use, the 650 combines impressive output with the flexibility required to be useful in a wide range of scenarios.

Case Studies

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Using multiple breeding programmes and production centres, Aviagen have created a secure global supply source for turkeys in both Europe and the USA.

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